Why can hydrogen water become a public health care product?

What is a public health care product? It is a product that can promote the health of the general public.

Taking the case of ordinary people drinking water as an example, the water purifier was first popularized through market education, thus meeting the needs of ordinary people to drink safe water. As the people's health awareness becomes higher and higher, it will be more popular if drinking water can be beneficial to health at the same time.

The saturated hydrogen water came into being as a new generation of healthy water. Saturated hydrogen water has many application values ​​for public health, beauty and health, and is becoming the new favorite of the drinking water market and a new high-recognition public health consumer product.

How to make hydrogen water by yourself with ST healthy life hydrogen water generator

Functionality of saturated hydrogen water

Scientific research shows that saturated hydrogen water has strong selective antioxidant capacity. Its selective antioxidant capacity surpasses common antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin E and green tea extract. The negative potential can reach a surprising -500mV. Eliminate the human body's malignant active oxygen (free radicals).

The saturated hydrogen water added with hydrogen has a strong toxic oxygen reduction function. The hydrogen molecules neutralize the toxic oxygen in the body, and finally the toxic oxygen is turned into water and discharged from the body. In addition, hydrogen has a strong dispersibility and can easily enter the cell channel to help cell metabolism and promote cell detoxification. Experiments and studies have found that saturated hydrogen water has certain intervention and prevention effects on diabetes, arteriosclerosis, gastrointestinal circulation, constipation and other problems.


Widespread use of saturated hydrogen water

(1) There is no clear contraindication group. Saturated hydrogen water is safe, environmentally friendly, and has no toxic or side effects to the human body. It can combine with excess active oxygen (H2+O=H2O) in the body to form water and be excreted from the body. And there is no clear contraindication population, whether it is healthy people, sub-health, chronic diseases, etc., people can try saturated hydrogen water for health care and disease intervention.

 2) Wide range of uses. Saturated hydrogen water will have a certain status in the fields of drinking water, health food, skin, etc. It can be used not only as people's daily drinking water, but also as raw materials and ingredients for nutritional supplements or functional foods, as well as skin care. If added to food, it can help eliminate malignant free radicals and improve immunity. Adding to the beauty mask can help women whiten skin, remove stains, and delay skin aging.

(3) Perfectly integrate into life. How to understand the non-sensitivity of saturated hydrogen water is that it does not change your past living habits at all, and is perfectly integrated into your life. Because the act of drinking water itself is necessary for daily life, it just replaces the drinking water with saturated hydrogen water.

Now more and more people feel the healthy life brought by saturated hydrogen water. Saturated hydrogen water has many benefits. Drinking saturated hydrogen water every day can promote human metabolism and prevent diseases. Wash your face with saturated hydrogen water to keep the skin away from the harm of active oxygen and maintain the skin. In short, whether it is for drinking or other use, everyone can try it out~

Hydrogen can be used as a way of active lifestyle intervention

Hydrogen has the ability to selectively scavenge malignant free radicals in the human body, and has anti-oxidation, anti-oxidation, anti-inflammatory and anti-apoptotic effects; many experts and scholars have used a large number of animal models and cytological studies to prove the biological effects of hydrogen (for example, for diabetes , Arteriosclerosis, arthritis, sepsis and tumor radiotherapy and chemotherapy side effects protection, etc.), many clinical studies have also proved that hydrogen does have therapeutic effects on human diseases (such as metabolic syndrome, dyslipidemia, type 2 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, Reduced quality of life after cancer radiotherapy, side effects caused by uremic dialysis, fatigue after exercise, etc.).

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