What is hydrogen SPE PEM Technology and why you should use hydrogen bottle?

Hydrogen rich water bottle use SPE (Solid poly electrolytic) technology, and electrolysis plate has PEM (proton exchange membrane) , which will produce PURE and SAFE hydrogen rich water.

Now let us see the technology.

What is PEM technology?

Proton exchange membrane is the core of the hydrogen injection electrolyzer, which is the membrane type of the proton exchange membrane PEM and polymer polymer (SPE), and the membrane in the standard ion electrolyte.
1. The extracted water provides a source of H+ ions.
2. PEM allows H+ ions to migrate from the spark liquid to the ultimate.
3. At the end, H+ ions combine with the electrons of the power source (reduction reaction) to form H atoms, and then pair to form H2 gas.
4. The originally produced mixture (via external substances) must leave (the content of the substance that can produce the source water by replacing the mixture with chlorine).
5. PE M contains impurities (SPE, particulate polymer, electrical properties), so the trigger does not depend on the source water to swim.
6. The lower the final and final stages, the smaller the voltage drop, and the more extreme the production efficiency of H2.
7. The pH value of different sources is only increased by 0.+/-1.5, so this design will not promote the precipitation of calcium, thereby greatly reducing the degree of scale precipitation in the system. With stationary ionic electrolyte system.
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