Usage of hydrogen health products

My personal opinion is that the combined use of inhalation, drinking and bathing can not only overcome the insufficient hydrogen retention in the body, but also produce the possibility of synergistic effects, and will not cause harm due to excessive amounts.

Inhale hydrogen

Inhalation of hydrogen is a simple adjunctive treatment method. Since the inhaled gas can quickly diffuse into the tissues, it is recommended for defense against acute oxidative stress in the brain and heart. In most cases, 2% hydrogen is found to be effective. In the absence of increased blood pressure, this may cause serious obstacles in the treatment of myocardial infarction. Hydrogen with a concentration of less than 4% will not explode in air and pure oxygen. By monitoring the concentration of hydrogen in the blood and tissues, it can be confirmed that the inhaled hydrogen diffuses into the blood and normal tissues

Oral hydrogen water

Inhalation of hydrogen has the advantage of fast working speed, but it is inconvenient for ordinary people to use it every day for a long time. Therefore, the easiest way to use it is to drink hydrogen water. The maximum concentration of hydrogen passing through the water is 1.6 ppm. ppm refers to the number of grams of a substance in 1,000,000 milliliters (1,000 liters) of water. Therefore, a hydrogen concentration of 1.6 ppm means that there are 1.6 g of hydrogen in 1,000 liters of water, or 1.6 mg of hydrogen in 1 liter of water. However, in most animal or human experiments, the concentration of hydrogen varies from the smallest 0.4 ppm to 1.2 ppm. One thing to note about the use of hydrogen water is that it can easily escape from the container. To prevent this, put hydrogen water into an aluminum bag and tighten the lid. Even in an aluminum container, the hydrogen concentration will drop by half after 24 hours. Therefore, if you put an aluminum bag containing 1.2 ppm hydrogen in an animal’s cage, the hydrogen concentration will decrease over time, and the hydrogen concentration the animal will drink will become 1.0 ppm or less. Surprisingly, the effect of drinking hydrogen water is comparable to the effect of inhaling hydrogen. So long-term use of hydrogen water is a very convenient hydrogen treatment method. The hydrogen in the water evaporates in the gastrointestinal tract. To prevent this from happening, people use hydrogen to dissolve salt water (0.9% NaCl) instead of water. Hydrogen water can be applied directly to the infected area or injected into blood vessels and abdominal cavity.

Why people take care about hydrogen water and use hydrogen water bottle
Hydrogen bath

Hydrogen easily penetrates the skin, enters the blood, and is distributed throughout the body. Hydrogen bath is also a good way to replenish hydrogen to the whole body. After 10 minutes of bathing, hydrogen can be detected in the exhaled air, which indicates that hydrogen penetrates the skin very quickly.
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