The correct way to use the hydrogen water generator

Many people ask about how to use hydrogen water generator correctly

The following tip is to share the precautions for hydrogen-rich water, so that everyone can better understand hydrogen-rich water.


1.Cannot use any beverages other than drinking water, including carbonated drinks, tea, milk, coffee, beer, juice, etc.

2.The temperature of drinking water is best to be at room temperature. In winter, the temperature should be controlled at 40-60 degrees Celsius. Do not use boiling water. Because the solubility of hydrogen in water decreases as the temperature increases.

3.Domestic hydrogen-rich water cups generally use glass. It is recommended to wipe the inner wall of the glass with a wet towel for a week, keep it dry, and keep it fully charged when it is carried out.

4.After making hydrogen-rich water, you should drink it immediately.

How to use hydrogen water cup in a correct way

Absorption method


Drinking hydrogen-rich water directly is the most convenient way for hydrogen to enter the body. You only need to buy a high-concentration hydrogen-rich water cup. When hydrogen water enters the body, it can effectively promote gastrointestinal motility and improve the metabolism of the circulatory system.


Hydrogen absorption is also of great benefit to the human body. It is scientifically proven that hydrogen can protect the human body by effectively inhibiting inflammatory reactions and reducing peroxides.

It should be noted that: hydrogen absorption requires professional equipment and professional service personnel to operate, and it must not be used casually. You can go to the hydrogen health technology experience hall to experience it~


In fact, spraying or applying hydrogen water is a very good skin care tip. In daily life, the radiation of computers and mobile phones, the sun's ultraviolet rays, etc. will accelerate the aging of the skin, and hydrogen can effectively slow down oxidative damage. Improve skin problems and eye microcirculation, delay aging.


Bathing the whole body in hydrogen-rich water expands the contact area between hydrogen and the skin, and can also promote the body to effectively absorb hydrogen, remove secretions and toxins accumulated in the skin, and penetrate deep into the dermal cells to repair damaged skin. Hydrogen can also penetrate into the soaked joints, effectively preventing inflammation, improving health, and soothing the whole body.

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