Hydrogen water effective for diabetes? The 6 major mechanisms of hydrogen molecules to lower blood sugar!

Does Hydrogen water effective for diabetes?

Many people who know about hydrogen medicine may know that hydrogen can cure diseases. Especially for metabolic diseases, inflammatory diseases, central nervous system degenerative diseases, ischemia-reperfusion injury diseases, etc., hydrogen has a good intervention effect. In recent years, metabolic diseases such as diabetes have become a serious social problem in our country.

The results of the latest national epidemiological survey on the prevalence of diabetes in the Chinese population published in the BMJ magazine in 2020 show that the prevalence rate of adult diabetes in my country is 12.8%, and the prevalence rate of prediabetes is 35.2%. This means that there are nearly 129.8 million sugar friends in the mainland, and nearly 357 million potential people, and these potential people may become new diabetic patients every day.

We know that diabetes can cause a variety of complications, such as neurological disorders, nephropathy, cerebrovascular disease, etc., and severe amputations. Diabetes should be detected and treated early.

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So is the daily drinking of hydrogen water effective for diabetes?

Generally speaking, diabetes is controlled by diet + exercise, but today Xiaohydro is talking about the relationship between diabetes and hydrogen-rich water-hydrogen-rich water is one of the important countermeasures to improve diabetes.

Diabetes and reactive oxygen species

As we all know, diabetes is a disease caused by relative or absolute deficiency of insulin. It is known that insulin-producing β cells are easily damaged by reactive oxygen species, and the relationship between the low resistance of β cells to reactive oxygen species and the onset and complications of diabetes is a topic of great concern.

From the perspective of blood components, the blood of diabetic patients generally has the characteristics of increased glycosylated hemoglobin caused by hyperglycemia, increased lipid peroxide formed by the oxidation of reactive oxygen species, and less antioxidant enzymes such as SOD and vitamins, indicating that diabetic patients will Consume more antioxidants.

Therefore, to prevent diabetes and its complications, in addition to controlling blood sugar through diet and exercise, it is also necessary to take in effective antioxidant ingredients daily. Timely removal of all kinds of excess active oxygen in the body, the role played in the prevention and treatment of diabetes is increasingly receiving widespread attention.


Diabetes and hydrogen water

In recent years, studies at home and abroad have proved that the unique antioxidant effect of hydrogen can effectively remove malignant free radicals in the body, repair damaged islet cells, restore and protect the normal function of islets, improve the sensitivity of insulin receptors, and accelerate the conversion of blood sugar. Utilize, purify blood, remove blood trash, and prevent diabetes complications.

The mechanism of hydrogen-rich water for lowering blood sugar

1. Japanese medical research proves that every time the human PH value drops by 0.1, the insulin activity will drop by 30%. The decrease of insulin activity will accelerate the abnormal metabolism of sugar and fat, produce more acidic substances, which will lead to the occurrence of diabetes, and make the condition of diabetes continue to worsen, which is prone to various complications. Hydrogen-rich water can neutralize acidic metabolic wastes and reduce acidic physique, thereby alleviating diabetes and reducing complications.

2. Negative potential diabetes is caused by free radicals. Drinking hydrogen-rich water, because of its negative potential, releases electrons, neutralizes and eliminates free radicals, which is helpful for the treatment of diabetes.

3. Small molecular water clusters can activate cells, promote metabolism, dredge microcirculation, improve blood circulation, and achieve the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. For diabetic feet and lower limb gangrene, it will be better if combined with hydrogen-rich water soaking.

4. Supplementing ionized calcium activates β cells, promotes insulin secretion, and helps lower blood sugar.

5. Improve immune function and reduce complications.

6. Supplementing magnesium ion and hydrogen-rich water can neutralize the body's acidic metabolic wastes and reduce acidic physique, so it can alleviate the condition of diabetes and reduce the occurrence of complications. Negative potential has a positive effect on the treatment of diabetes. Drinking hydrogen-rich water has a negative potential, and the negative potential value is -200-500MV. The electrons neutralize and eliminate free radicals, keeping the body's functions in balance.

It is very common for diabetic people who experience hydrogen water to drink hydrogen-rich water for a long time to gradually decrease and stabilize their blood sugar. Especially when drinking hydrogen water and inhaling hydrogen gas at the same time, better improvement results can be achieved. It is recommended that people with diabetes drink hydrogen water for a long time to help reduce the damage of high blood sugar to the body.

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