Say NO to aging, just drink hydrogen-rich water!

The years passed. Some people sigh every time they celebrate a festival. What should I do, I am 1 year old again? On birthdays, people can realize their "oldness" and feel that their bodies are gradually moving away from their youth.

One day, we will all fight against aging. Haven't many people already felt it? However, this is not the case.

Hydrogen-rich water anti-oxidation

Hydrogen-rich water is the latest anti-aging, youthful and healthy drinking water. The use of hydrogen molecules can balance the free radicals of the human body, and drinking it every day can slow down the speed of aging.

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Hydrogen water bottle
With the increase of age, people will gradually age, which is justified, and it is also a law that has not been able to get rid of so far. But we generally agree that there are large individual differences in the speed of aging of people. Some people are in their 90s and still live like young people; there are also people who are just 50 years old and start to be greasy and crooked all day long, and even grow old. These common sense of life tell us-only need to modify and correct the factors that are prone to aging, it is completely possible to resist aging and prolong life! Hydrogen anti-aging research can be studied from the perspective of eliminating senescent cells. In 2016, the Mayo Clinic cancer biologist Jan van Deursen published a paper in Nature that proved that eliminating senescent cells can extend the life of mice by about 20-30%.
The hydrogen absorbed by the skin can be in the form of gas or hydrogen water. It is easier to obtain high concentration absorption by using the gas directly, but the liquid is easier to carry and use.

Korean scholars have proved that hydrogen bathing does have the effect of regulating diseases. Research on common ultraviolet rays on the skin may be considered to be more acceptable for topical use on damaged skin.
Because the skin is the largest organ of the human body, the ability to absorb hydrogen is very large. The absorbed hydrogen can be transported through the blood of the skin to the whole body to play a role in regulating diseases. The authors of papers such as Shinya Katoa of the Department of Life and Environmental Sciences of Hiroshima University in Japan believe that this study has proved through experiments that hydrogen water can promote the synthesis of fibroblast collagen, scavenging free radicals, and inhibiting the death of keratinocytes. Clinical studies have proved that hydrogen bath has anti-wrinkle effect.
Cytological research showed that hydrogen has the effect of anti-ultraviolet rays. Next, human experiments were carried out to verify this concept and prove that hydrogen water also has a protective effect on human skin from UV damage. If you can bubble the hydrogen bath from time to time and apply the hydrogen water mask, it is not a dream to reverse your age!
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