Nine questions and answers, reveal the hydrogen water generator so hot recent years

1. What is hydrogen water

Hydrogen water, as the name implies, is water with dissolved hydrogen. It is called "hydrogen water" in Japan (hydrogen is hydrogen in Japanese). Emphasize that hydrogen is also a hydrogen molecule. Other so-called hydrogen atom water, hydrogen ion water, and negative hydrogen ion water are all wrong concepts and are not hydrogen water at all. In addition, only when the dissolved hydrogen concentration in water reaches more than 800ppb can it be called "hydrogen-rich water", and less than 800ppb can only be called "hydrogen-containing water".

2. Is hydrogen insoluble in water?
The solubility of hydrogen in water is not high, which is slightly soluble, but not insoluble.


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3. How is hydrogen water absorbed and utilized by the human body?
"Hydrogen" or "hydrogen molecule" is the smallest molecule in nature. It is extremely penetrating and can easily penetrate the skin and mucous membranes to diffuse into any organs, tissues, cells, mitochondria and nuclei of the human body. Hydrogen does not need to be absorbed by the human body, and directly enters the human body.

4. What is the mechanism of action of hydrogen?
The research of Professor Naruto Ota of the Japanese Medical University has confirmed that hydrogen has a selective antioxidant effect and can selectively and efficiently remove cytotoxic free radicals. Cytotoxic free radicals are also the source of all diseases and aging. While efficiently removing cytotoxic free radicals, it achieves the balance of the environment in the body and activates the self-repair mechanism of the human body. Various sub-health and chronic diseases are gradually healed, or "self-healing".

5. Is hydrogen safe? Are there any side effects?
The metabolism of normal human intestinal flora produces hydrogen. Hydrogen is a source gas in the human body, and the gas exhaled and discharged by the human body contains hydrogen. A large number of biomedical studies have fully confirmed the safety of hydrogen. Japan, the United States, and China (2014) all list hydrogen as a food additive. In the Japanese market, hydrogen water can be bought and sold at will. Drinking water has no side effects. Japanese scientists have also found that the amount of hydrogen in centenarians is more than three times higher than that of ordinary people, confirming that hydrogen is not only safe, but also allows people to live longer.

6. Does hydrogen improve allergies?
Scholars from Yonsei University in South Korea proved that hydrogen water can fight skin allergies caused by dust mites in mice. The article has been published online in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

Research results show that hydrogen water has an ideal anti-inflammatory effect on blood allergy-related inflammatory factors after skin allergy induced by dust mites.

Some research results suggest drinking more than 1.5 liters of high-concentration hydrogen water or inhaling 2% hydrogen for more than 3 hours a day, which can help relieve various allergies, including eczema, urticaria, allergic rhinitis, allergic asthma, food intolerance, and chronic Colitis and so on.

7. Does hydrogen contribute to metabolic diseases?

Professor Sun Xuejun wrote in the article "Consistency of Hydrogen Anti-inflammatory and Treatment of Metabolic Diseases" on the public account "Hydrogen": "We have always emphasized in the past that hydrogen has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, and because hydrogen has no toxic side effects. It is suitable for long-term use, which has great advantages for alleviating chronic metabolic inflammation. Although it is not certain that all chronic metabolic inflammation-related diseases can have a very large therapeutic effect, as long as a part of it works, it can be the same Bring a disruptive and revolutionary impact."

8. Is hydrogen effective for weight loss?
The team of Professor Naruto Ota of the Japanese Medical University did a research on the weight-loss effect of hydrogen. After they discovered this effect three years ago, they had applied for an international patent for the weight-loss effect of hydrogen. This research was published in the internationally renowned journal Obesity, (3February 2011) | doi:10.1038/oby.2011.6,

The weight loss effect of hydrogen water is shown in the figure

Hydrogen regulates body weight in both directions. The more overweight, the greater the weight loss, while the underweight will increase the weight. The reason is simple. Hydrogen can accelerate metabolism, burn fat and provide energy for the body, so as to achieve the goal of weight loss.

9. Does hydrogen improve high blood pressure?
Scholars from the School of Pharmacy of the Second Military Medical University and Changzheng Hospital found that long-term injection of hydrogen saline to animals can significantly improve the abnormal vascular function of spontaneously hypertensive animals, significantly improve post-hypertensive oxidative stress, and improve Oxidase activity also has a significant impact on inflammatory response such as inflammatory factors and related signal molecules

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