Lose weight try drinking hydrogen-rich water!

A new ZUI study published by the Boston University School of Public Health in JAMA Network Open, a sub-issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, pointed out that

The results of the study showed that compared with participants whose BMI stayed in the “obese” range from youth to middle age, participants whose BMI decreased from “obese” to “overweight” from youth (beginning at the age of 25) to middle age, The risk of early death can be reduced by half (54%), which is closer to participants whose BMI is always in the "overweight" range. In other words, if each obese participant can reduce his BMI value from the "obesity" in the youth (beginning at the age of 25) to the "overweight" in the middle age, then in this study, Avoid a 3.2% mortality rate.

Why people need hydrogen water
In addition, the study also gave an answer to "whether starting to lose weight after middle age can reduce the risk of premature death?" The study pointed out that weight loss after middle age did not significantly reduce the risk of death for participants. It may be because weight loss after middle age may be related to people's aging and deterioration of health.

Dr. Andrew Stokes, assistant professor of global health at Boston University School of Public Health and corresponding author, said: "

And the older you get, the harder it is to lose weight!
After the age of 30, the basic metabolism of the human body will gradually decrease, and the difficulty of consuming the same calories will gradually increase. The body's ability to store fat is getting stronger and stronger, and the ability to get rid of fat is naturally getting lower and lower.

That is, this is the so-called "middle-aged hair blessing".
A weight loss method that does not require exercise and diet is recommended to you-drink hydrogen-rich water!
Many people estimate that they have tried a lot of weight loss methods, such as "don’t eat at noon", "five kilometers a day", etc. They have tried them and suffered from the sin, but they did not lose weight. Some people even lose weight improperly. Being thin, there are also a series of problems such as gastrointestinal discomfort, weakness of limbs, depression, and inability to concentrate. Today, Hydrogen Spring recommends a weight loss method that does not require exercise and diet, and that is: drink hydrogen-rich saturated water. It can be regarded as a "lazy way to lose weight". Hydrogen-rich saturated water is always available at home, and hydrogen-rich water filled with the energy of hydrogen molecules is replenished every day.
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Rechargeable hydrogen water bottle
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Hydrogen-rich water is water rich in hydrogen molecules, just like mineral water we know is water rich in mineral elements. Many studies have found that hydrogen can have a positive effect on weight loss. ZUI's new clinical research shows:

Generally speaking, people with obesity have metabolic disorders (such as high blood fat, fatty liver, and high uric acid). Hydrogen can achieve the effect of weight loss by adjusting the physical state. But we need to remind everyone: to achieve this effect is the consumption of excess fat after the body's various functions are restored, so it takes a relatively long time to achieve it, and the impatient weight loss population may not be suitable for this weight loss method.
And where is the practicality of this method? It just doesn't change our living habits, just change the water we usually drink with hydrogen water! There is always hydrogen-rich saturated water at home, and you can drink high-concentration hydrogen-rich water at any time.

Saturated hydrogen water is not only clean, because hydrogen has powerful energy, sufficient hydrogen can replenish qi and blood, strengthen kidney qi, activate immune function, and alleviate the deterioration of more than 100 diseases. Therefore, in the future development of drinking water, it will gradually change from single thirst quenching and heat escape to health. Drinking high-concentration hydrogen-rich water every day can not only adjust the abnormal metabolism of the body, but also selectively eliminate malignant free radicals in the body, and has a protective effect on the kidneys, liver, heart and other organs.
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