Like drinking water is recognized as best living habit

In fact, there is a probability that everyone will not get cancer in their lifetime. According to the latest "Research and Analysis of Chinese Tumor Epidemiology Spectrum in 2014" released by the National Cancer Registry, if the average life expectancy is 74 years old, the probability of cancer in life is always twenty two%.

Studies have confirmed that bad living habits and unhealthy drinking methods are the culprits for the high incidence of cancer; learning to reduce the probability of cancer for oneself and family members is the "king way" to prevent cancer.


The worst living habit-do not pay attention to healthy drinking water!

Water is hidden in the body and maintains our health, but its importance is often forgotten. Many people don’t know that water accounts for about 70% of an adult’s body weight, 80% of the brain, lungs, and heart, 92% of the plasma. Oxygen and nutrients need to be transported throughout the body with the help of water.

However, the "China Water and Quality of Life Cognitive Survey Report" released by the Institute shows that 95.3% of people do not drink water, 65.9% do not drink water until they are thirsty, and less than 5% have regular and quantitative rules. Good habit of drinking water.

◎Water is the source of life. Drink eight glasses of water every day: If the human body is short of water for a long time, that is, insufficient water intake per day, it will cause system dysfunction and various chronic diseases. If the drug is "treated", the condition will eventually become more serious...Eight glasses of water (about 1700~2000ml) a day is very important.

The European Journal of Nutrition once published a study that stated that for healthy young men, drinking less water every day, resulting in mild dehydration of the body, will damage blood vessel function, and the harm is comparable to smoking.

Epidemiological studies have found that dehydration is related to diabetes, chronic kidney disease and cardiovascular disease.

A 2002 study found that for men who drink ≥ 5 cups of water a day, the risk of fatal heart disease was reduced by 54%, and for women by 41%.

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Drink healthy water every day: The quality of water determines the quality of life. It has been confirmed that many diseases are related to water pollution. To protect the health of your family, you must drink healthy water. Keep in mind that safe water does not mean healthy water. The standard for healthy water is:

1. Does not contain any toxic, harmful and odorous substances (especially harmful heavy metals).

2. The hardness of the water is moderate, 100-300mg/l (calculated as calcium carbonate) is appropriate.

3. The human body needs a moderate amount and proportion of minerals.

4. The content of dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide in water is moderate (dissolved oxygen in water ≥ 6mg/l).

5. The water molecules are small (below 90Hz), and the pH of the water is moderate.

6. The nutritional and physiological functions of water must be strong.

Usually, if we feel a little bit thirsty and have yellow urine, it means that we have lost 1% of our body weight. If you are a careless person, it may not be a big problem if you are a careless person;

If you feel severe dry mouth, dry tongue, or oliguria, it means that our body has lost 2% of water. After this happens, even if you want to be patient, you will involuntarily want to find some water to quench your thirst;

If we feel a significant decrease in physical fitness, redness of the skin, drowsiness, mood disorders, and nausea, it indicates that our body has lost 4% of body weight. Even if we want to drink water at this time, I am afraid that the strength to hold the cup is not enough. NS.

Let's take a look at what amazing "performance" we will have after the level of water loss:

a. When we lose 6% of water, we will feel hotter in summer and colder in winter. After a little exercise, we will be out of breath and out of breath;

b. When dehydration is 8%, we will feel dizzy, we will not express the meaning when we speak, we are weak and mentally disordered;

c. When we lose 10% of the water, our body will sway when we walk, treat the deer as a horse, we can't speak even if we want to talk, and our tongue is swollen;

d. When the water loss reaches more than 15%, we have already wandered between the human world and the "Hall of Hell"!

The amount of water intake in the body is largely related to the health of the urinary system. The diseases most related to the lack of water in the kidneys and urinary system are urinary stones (including kidney stones, ureteral blockage, bladder stones and urethral stones). Some infections.

Drink hydrogen-rich water

Hydrogen Water uses the original Japanese name directly. Because "hydrogen" in Japanese means "hydrogen", some people call it "hydrogen water" and it is also called hydrogen-rich water in China.

As we all know, the human body is made up of cells. Human diseases can ultimately be attributed to cell damage. Human senescence is also caused by cell aging or necrosis. The main culprit that causes cell morbidity or aging is excess oxygen free radicals.

The unique nature of hydrogen determines that hydrogen has many advantages in biology. One of the more obvious features is its strong penetrability, which can easily enter any part of the cell such as the nucleus and mitochondria. This is the foundation that hydrogen can be used for treatment. An important feature of disease.

The main functions of hydrogen are: anti-oxidation, selective neutralization of hydroxyl radicals, nitrite anions, etc. Hydrogen ions combine with active oxygen, reduce to water, and are excreted from the body. Therefore, hydrogen-rich water began to receive widespread attention in the international market. Simply put, hydrogen-rich water is hydrogen-reduced water, which is a kind of water that contains hydrogen with strong reducing power. It is different from ordinary water. Through its anti-oxidation and reduction power, it can remove excess active oxygen (oxygen free radicals) in the body Of drinking water.

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