Knowledge of hydrogen-rich water, know hydrogen-rich water in one minute

What is "hydrogen-rich water"?

Hydrogen-rich water, as the name implies, is hydrogen-rich water. English is hydrogenRichwater, and Japanese is "hydrogen water". Hydrogen is usually only slightly soluble in water, and its saturation concentration is 1.66ppm at room temperature and one atmosphere.

How is hydrogen-rich water absorbed and utilized by the human body?

Hydrogen water

What are the benefits of hydrogen-rich water to the human body?

Hydrogen-rich water provides a full range of antioxidant care for the body, which is specifically manifested in metabolic function repair, immune regulation, elimination of inflammation, improvement of allergic physique, prevention of cell mutation (anti-cancer and anti-cancer), promotion of tissue repair, anti-aging beauty and other effects .

Is hydrogen water safe?

Is it safe to drink hydrogen-rich water and are there any side effects?

Hydrogen is a sourced gas in the human body. Normal human intestinal flora will produce hydrogen during metabolism. The gas exhaled and discharged by the human body contains hydrogen. A large number of biomedical studies have fully confirmed the safety of hydrogen. Japan, the United States, and China (2014) all listed hydrogen as a legal food additive. In the Japanese market, hydrogen-rich water cups and hydrogen-rich water machines are extremely popular! Bags of hydrogen-rich water can also be bought and sold at will, without restrictions on the number of people and the amount. Drinking negative hydrogen water does not have any side effects.

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