Is there a glass of water that can deal with gout?

Gout is joint pain caused by the gradual accumulation of uric acid in the body and finally deposits in joints and other parts.

Manifesting symptoms

Joint pain: The big toe is the most common area for gout. Other commonly affected joints are the ankles, knees, elbows, wrists, and fingers.

Persistent discomfort: The pain is gradually reduced until it disappears, which may last for several days or weeks. As gout develops, the attack may last longer and spread to more joints.

Swelling and redness: The affected joints usually experience severe pain, edema, redness, and inflammation.

Restriction of movement: In the late stage of gout, movement of the limbs gradually becomes difficult.


Due to long-term high uric acid, a large number of urate crystals are deposited around the joints to stimulate chronic inflammation and hyperplasia. It often leads to appearance deformities and repeated attacks of gout. In severe cases, joints are destroyed, infections occur, and disability occurs.

These deposits are formed during the decomposition of purine compounds, which naturally exist in the human body and in food. This is why there are many people with gout in coastal areas, which is closely related to eating habits, and Guangdong people like to drink soup, and the incidence of gout is also quite high. The reason why gout often strikes at night is that the human body is in a relatively dehydrated state at night, and uric acid is more likely to deposit and accumulate in joints and other parts, causing gout.

How to treat

There are two main ways to treat gout: drug control and diet adjustment.

medical treatement

There are mainly non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and glucocorticoids, but the current drug treatment methods are less used. Diet therapy is more common and healthy.

Diet therapy

Reduce the consumption of high-purine foods and high-fat foods, such as meat, seafood, yeast-containing foods and beverages. Limit alcohol consumption. Alcohol consumes a lot of water in the body and produces a lot of purines during the fermentation process. The more purines in the body, the more uric acid is produced by metabolism. At the same time, alcohol stimulates the liver to produce uric acid, which will increase the incidence of gout. And the harm of gout to the human body.

Drink more water: After the human body drinks a lot of water, it can excrete uric acid from the body through urine.

Persist in exercise, obesity is a risk factor for gout. Obesity not only increases the risk of gout, but obese patients have an earlier age of onset of gout, and visceral fat is also closely related to the occurrence of gout. Therefore, strengthen exercise, discharge the body's excess fat, and help the treatment of gout.

The above methods are all traditional coping methods, which do not work for everyone, and their effects vary from person to person. To tell everyone objectively, gout cannot be cured so far, but through hard work, the redness, swelling, heat, pain and inflammation of the joints can disappear, so that it can no longer be committed.

In fact, there is only one way, and that is to control uric acid within a reasonable range. Drug or diet control, control uric acid to about 250umol/L, so that clinical cure can be achieved

However, long-term use of gout anti-inflammatory drugs may cause adverse reactions such as gastrointestinal and liver function damage, and some are accompanied by skin rashes.

In a 2013 study, scientists found that hydrogen can effectively deal with unstable free radicals in the body-compounds that cause inflammation in the body. Based on this, as an antioxidant to reduce inflammation, hydrogen has a scientific basis for fighting gout in humans.

In 2017, Guilin Medical College published a research paper "The Protective Effect of Hydrogen-Rich Normal Saline on Gouty Arthritis in Rats" published in "Guangdong Medicine".

In the same year, the clinical research report published by the 301 Hospital in the Chinese Journal of Clinical Healthcare pointed out that the results of research and animal experiments were mutually verified. And value.

Here teach you a way to make hydrogen water at home.

Hydrogen water generator bottle

Hydrogen is a hot medical research field in recent years. A large number of domestic and foreign literature reports that hydrogen has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects, and has significant therapeutic effects on various inflammations and injuries. Hydrogen-rich water confirms that hydrogen is effective in treating rheumatoid arthritis. Certain curative effect; Huang Yongji and others have confirmed through a large number of animal experiments that hydrogen has a protective effect on rabbit osteoarthritis.

To put it bluntly, gout is a chronic inflammation, uric acid causes chronic inflammation of local tissues, and chronic inflammation causes gout.

Long-term drinking, by reducing blood uric acid content to promote the decomposition of gout crystals, may reduce the number of gout attacks

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