Is hydrogen-rich water more beneficial than normal water?


Hydrogen-rich water contains a certain concentration of hydrogen. The name comes from the Japanese original name "hydrogen water", also known as "hydrogen water". Hydrogen is a diatomic gas molecule that is colorless, odorless and less dense than air. It is difficult to dissolve in water and can be collected by drainage gas collection. At room temperature, the properties of hydrogen are relatively stable, and it is not easy to chemically react with other substances. However, under certain conditions (such as ignition, heating, use of catalysts, etc.), violent reactions may occur, and explosions may occur when encountering fire sources. Based on this, the main technical problem in the initial preparation of hydrogen-rich water is how to maintain a relatively high and stable hydrogen content in the water. The domestic nano gas-liquid mixing technology uses physical methods to make the water molecules evenly wrap the hydrogen molecules, so that the hydrogen and water form a certain stable state, which overcomes the difficulty of hydrogen concentration and stability in the water. The resulting hydrogen-rich water The hydrogen concentration is high and the stability is good.


Under the hot weather in summer, the water in the human body is quickly lost, so replenishing water has become our daily homework

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Today we will take a look at the utility of hydrogen-rich water:


How is hydrogen-rich water absorbed and utilized by the human body?

Hydrogen is the smallest molecule in nature. It has strong penetrability and can diffuse into any organ, tissue, cell, mitochondria and cell nucleus of the human body through the skin and mucous membranes. Studies have confirmed that the hydrogen in hydrogen-rich water is easily "absorbed and utilized" by the human body.


What effect does hydrogen-rich water have on the human body?

Hydrogen-rich water provides a full range of antioxidant care for the body, balances the internal environment, and fully activates the self-healing mechanism, which is specifically manifested in metabolic repair, immune regulation, elimination of inflammation, improvement of allergic physique, prevention of cell mutation, promotion of tissue repair, and anti-aging Beauty and beauty and other effects.


What is the metabolic repair of hydrogen-rich water?

Metabolic repair refers to the process of gradual recovery of material and energy metabolism. The intake of large amounts of fat, carbohydrates, and purines will increase the burden on the metabolic system. If things go on like this, the metabolic function will be disordered, and the ability to process these substances will decrease, leading to metabolic diseases. Hydrogen-rich water balances the internal environment, comprehensively repairs metabolic functions, and fundamentally improves metabolism-related diseases including hyperlipidemia, diabetes, hypertension, hyperuricemia, and gout.


Who is suitable for drinking hydrogen-rich water?

Hydrogen has no side effects on the human body, and everyone can drink it freely, especially stressed white-collar workers, sub-healthy people, athletes, beauty lovers, middle-aged and elderly people, pregnant women and children with poor immunity.


How can healthy people drink hydrogen-rich water to help?

Hydrogen-rich water has a significant anti-fatigue effect. Drinking hydrogen-rich water and combined with a hydrogen-rich water mask can significantly improve skin texture, reduce wrinkles, dilute age spots, stains, and eliminate acne; hydrogen-rich water can improve human immunity , Reduce the probability of colds and fever; the most important thing is that long-term drinking can prevent many diseases and delay aging.


How much hydrogen-rich water is appropriate to drink in a day?

Generally speaking, drink 1200-1500ML per day for daily preventive health care; adjust and improve chronic diseases in an appropriate amount according to your own situation; anti-aging beauty should insist on drinking daily.


Will there be dependence on drinking hydrogen-rich water all year round?

Hydrogen can be regarded as a basic nutrient, and drinking hydrogen-rich water is to supplement this nutrient. Generally speaking, supplementation of nutrients will not cause any dependence.

Finally, the hydrogen in the hydrogen-rich water can activate and stimulate the body's self-repair mechanism by rebuilding the internal environment balance, system function recovery, and finally self-healing, which is self-evident for the human body.

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