Hydrogen knowledge|Hydrogen water can improve sleep quality

Some research proof that hydrogen water can improvce sleep qualitry.

Insomnia is a very painful thing!
People with insomnia have a sense of loneliness that is forgotten by the whole world. Inhalation of hydrogen and drinking hydrogen water can effectively improve insomnia. It turns out that this is justified. Some American scholars have used hydrogen-containing water to experiment to see how hydrogen water can improve sleep quality and treat insomnia.
According to a new study published in "PLOS Biology", Vanessa Hill and Mimi Shirasu-Hiza of Columbia University found that "sleep supports the antioxidant process." This latest study also proves that sleep can reduce the oxidation state. In the vernacular, sleep can reduce fatigue. Physical fatigue is also a signal that stimulates sleep. An important feature of hydrogen selective oxidation resistance is that it will not affect sleep while reducing oxidative damage.  [There is also an experiment in Japan that uses hydrogen water to improve sleep quality]
In 2014, Osaka City University in Japan conducted an experiment. Twenty-six healthy ordinary people, half of them males and females, with an average age of 34.4 years old, conducted the four-week experiment. The content of the experiment was to divide the 26 subjects into two groups. One group was drinking 300cc of hydrogen-containing water with a drinking water concentration of 0.8 ~ 1.2 ppm in the morning and evening, and the other group drank ordinary drinking water with exactly the same packaging. Double-blind means that neither the experimenter nor the subject knows who is drinking hydrogen-containing water and who is drinking ordinary drinking water. The study found that in the group drinking hydrogen-rich water, the sympathetic nerve activity during sleep was significantly weakened at the end of four weeks, which proved the improvement of sleep quality.
Generally, it is difficult to think of antioxidants in the case of poor sleep, so insomnia easily leads to unhealthy body, not only looks tired, but prone to ageing and the incidence of many chronic diseases under long-term poor sleep conditions. All of this may be related to insufficient antioxidants caused by insomnia.

Although hydrogen cannot completely replace natural sleep, related scientific research has proved that sleep is not good, and the use of hydrogen has a good sleep aid effect.

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