Drinking hydrogen water in the morning can prevent cardiovascular disease

For cardiovascular prevention, the details of life are very important. For example, people lose a lot of water due to breathing, skin and urine loss during night sleep, which makes the metabolism of water inadequate and can cause insufficient water supply for all tissues and organs throughout the body. , Resulting in many system dysfunctions.

Therefore, drinking a proper amount of water after waking up in the morning can prevent many diseases, especially for cardiovascular diseases. Drinking hydrogen water in the morning can quickly excrete the salt that was eaten the night before, and prevent high blood pressure and heart disease. Vascular diseases; and drinking hydrogen water in the morning is beneficial to rapidly dilute the blood, thereby lowering blood pressure and preventing hypertension and arteriosclerosis.

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Prevent urinary system infections and stones

Drinking hydrogen water on an empty stomach in the morning has obvious diuretic effect. Generally, there will be urination after 15-30 minutes, which can prevent urate from crystallizing and depositing, and can prevent urinary calculi or infection.

In the book "Clinical Application and Exploration of Electrolyzed Water", Professor Wang Yulian conducted clinical cases on 21 cases of chronic nephritis, chronic urinary tract infection, urinary calculi, and benign prostatic hyperplasia drinking Kangen water.

The curative effect is remarkable, and the total effective rate is as high as 85.75%. Among 8 cases of urinary tract stones and 5 cases of urinary tract infection, the effective rate was 100%.


Hydrogen is a selective antioxidant substance. Hydrogen-rich water is a way to give hydrogen. It can remove excess ROS from body tissues, increase the activity of superoxide dismutase (SOD), and reduce the content of malondialdehyde (MDA)" , Thereby protecting kidney tissue cells and blocking the process of stone formation. This study observed the effect of hyperoxaluria on the apoptosis of rat renal tubular epithelial cells, and explored the effect of hydrogen-rich water on the effect.

Prevent a variety of digestive diseases

Drinking hydrogen water every morning when you wake up can stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis and prevent habitual constipation; drinking hydrogen water on an empty stomach can dilute bile and make cholesterol crystals with bacteria difficult to deposit, preventing gallstones and cholecystitis; drinking hydrogen water on an empty stomach can also dilute Gastric acid, and prevent the back flow of bile into the stomach, reduce the irritation to the stomach, and achieve the effect of preventing the stomach, duodenum and chronic gastritis.

Detox and beauty

The toxins that were metabolized and decomposed the previous day are accumulated in the body, which is bound to be detrimental to health. Therefore, drinking some hydrogen water after waking up in the morning can quickly produce urine and promote the excretion of toxins. On the other hand, early morning hydration is especially easy to be absorbed by the body and transported to the whole body, helping blood purification and circulation, moisturizing the skin, and making the skin look supple and shiny.

In addition, when a person sleeps, water will still metabolize and evaporate. When the body's water is insufficient, the metabolic rate will decrease and it is easy to accumulate fat. Therefore, drinking hydrogen water after waking up will not only replenish water in time, increase the basal metabolic rate, but also burn fat, which will help lose weight.

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