Drink hydrogen water while young!

In the past, we have always paid more attention to the health problems of middle-aged and elderly people. In fact, health problems should be grasped from an early age. A recent research report can explain the problem very well. If some indicators are not ideal, even at a very young age, the risk of serious illnesses and accidents in the future is still very high. Now we must fully mobilize, so that young people should also drink and move.

An important indicator in this study is low-density lipoprotein cholesterol LDL-C, which is the most important factor that causes arteriosclerosis, and if this lipoprotein is oxidized, it is more likely to cause arteriosclerosis. The drug to solve this problem is a statin, but if you are younger and the index is not very high, you should actively adopt ways to improve your lifestyle. Among them, drinking hydrogen water is an absolutely good way. Because the study found that in only 2 months, many patients with dyslipidemia have produced ideal changes. Of course, the benefits of hydrogen are not only the effect on blood lipids, but also can relieve your stressful spirit, because it is found that hydrogen water has a good effect on anti-anxiety.

You cannot live without restraint just because you are young and look healthy. In a recent study published in the official journal of the American Heart Association, Circulation, researchers at Texas State University Southwestern Medical Center evaluated more than 36,000 A healthy young volunteer with a low risk of cardiovascular disease followed up for 27 years and found that if their low-density lipoprotein cholesterol level is higher than the normal range, the risk of death from cardiovascular disease will increase by 30% -90% range, among which the risk of death from coronary heart disease is even more likely to double!

The study recruited 36375 volunteers, aged between 36-48 years old, with a median age of 42 years. Follow-up was 26.8 years. None of the volunteers had a history of diabetes or cardiovascular disease, and they had 10 years of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. Disease risk <7.5%.

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The results of the study found that, without considering other risk factors, compared with volunteers with LDL-C<100mg/dL, 100-129mg/dL, 130-159mg/dL, 160-189mg/dL and ≥190mg/dL The risk of death from cardiovascular disease in the group of volunteers increased by 40%, 30%, 90% and 70% respectively! After adjusting for factors such as gender, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C), smoking habits, hypertension and family history of cardiovascular disease, LDL-C levels are 100-129.9mg/dL, 160-189.9mg/dL and ≥ 190mg/dL is still significantly associated with cardiovascular death in these three intervals, and the risk will increase by as much as 30%-70%.

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