Drink hydrogen-rich water often and stay away from sub-health

"Sub-health" should be familiar to everyone. With the gradual acceleration of the pace of life and the increasingly obvious social pressure, more and more people around us fall into this "intermediate state of disease and health." Compared with taking drugs and health products to balance this critical state, is there any more convenient, simpler, and more routine conditioning method? To answer this question, we must first start with the cause of the sub-health state.

The invisible enemy of human health

From a biological perspective, any disease and decline in body function and adaptability are the result of cell damage and functional decline in the organism. This is true of aging, tumors, and sub-health. From the origin of life to the present, as a natural law, the aging of life and the emergence of disease have always been natural laws that mankind cannot resist.

With the rapid development of modern life sciences, after long-term clinical research, domestic and foreign medical experts have provided fundamental solutions to human diseases and the decline of body function and adaptability: the culprit of this phenomenon is "active oxygen free radicals". ". During the metabolism of the human body, free radicals with asymmetric electrons are constantly produced. Among them, the reactive oxygen free radicals have a strong oxidizing effect, which has devastating damage to human tissue cells.

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How serious is oxidative damage? In life, the damage to organisms caused by oxidation occurs all the time. Cut a fully hydrated apple, and within a period of time, the cross section will turn yellow-brown. This is the result of oxidation. Knives in the kitchen will rust, which is also the result of oxidation. Similarly, active oxygen free radicals also produce oxidative damage in the human body at all times, posing a threat to our health.

A large number of clinical research data show that aging, inflammation, tumors, blood diseases, and heart, liver, lung, skin and other diseases are closely related to the active oxygen free radicals in the body. It can be said that active oxygen free radicals are the evasive and aggressive enemy of human health.

Hydrogen, a weapon against oxidation

90% of the elements in the universe and 63% of the human body are hydrogen. The sun is a huge hydrogen balloon, and the water in nature is a storehouse of hydrogen. Hydrogen and oxygen combine to form water, giving birth to life in nature. It can be seen that hydrogen is important for life on earth. Regarding hydrogen, what we knew before was a clean energy source, and now we have discovered that it is also the basic antioxidant substance for all life on earth.

The code of human life and health is constantly being cracked. Hydrogen has shown great potential in anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-aging and other cell protection effects, and it has been confirmed in many different animal experiments. So how to obtain this anti-oxidant weapon?

People can replenish hydrogen by breathing in a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen (or air), injecting hydrogen saline, and using hydrogen-rich water. Among them, drinking hydrogen-rich water is a commonly used method, and it is also recognized as an ideal method for ingesting hydrogen.

Hydrogen-rich water, the water needed by the human body

Hydrogen-rich water is a kind of drinking water that allows the water to contain a certain concentration of hydrogen, through its anti-oxidation and reduction power, to remove the active oxygen free radicals that are particularly active in the body. Hydrogen-rich water has a preventive effect on a variety of physical problems, and can also be used for beauty and anti-aging. It is an excellent antioxidant and reducing agent, which can eliminate toxins and inhibit the occurrence of physical problems. Drinking hydrogen-rich water for a long time can nourish the energy, effectively regulate the sub-health state, and is the safe and healthy drinking water that the human body really needs.

"People cannot live without oxygen, and people without hydrogen may not live well." It is believed that in the near future, drinking hydrogen-rich water will be accepted by the public as a new daily health care method, setting off a "drinking water revolution."

From then on, scientific drinking water, let’s share the nurturing of hydrogen-rich water from the inside out.

Water quality determines physical fitness, but not many people can truly understand the importance of water to life and health. Therefore, some people call water a "forgotten nutrient." According to statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO), 80% of diseases in developing countries and 1/3 of human deaths are attributed to water. Good water determines life span. Hydrogen-rich water is not only clean, it has hydrogen and energy, it purifies the blood, makes the blood flow unblocked, has a strong metabolism, prevents many diseases, and improves human health.

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