Can hydrogen-rich water restore vitality?

Free radical [active oxygen]-the source of all diseases

Our biological system mainly encounters "oxygen free radicals". Active oxygen free radicals in the human body have certain functions, such as immunity and signal transduction processes. However, too much active oxygen free radicals will have destructive behaviors, leading to the damage of human cells and tissues, thereby causing a variety of diseases. Such as heart disease, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's and tumors and so on. In addition, ultraviolet rays, radiation, air pollution, smoking, pesticides, etc. in the external environment will cause the human body to produce more free radicals and cause nucleic acid mutations, which are the root causes of human aging and disease.

As long as you insist on drinking hydrogen-rich water every day in a short period of time, magical effects will appear. Hydrogen-rich water is very good for hands and feet cold, moisture in the body is heavy, weight loss (obesity is also caused by body heat and humidity), beauty (washing the face, massage with hydrogen-rich water, it will be more shiny.), diabetes type II, etc. It can also treat chronic transplant kidney disease. Consistently drink more hydrogen-rich water every day (because it is mainly through urination to discharge harmful free radicals), it will have a significant conditioning effect on the body.

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Detoxification principle of hydrogen-rich water

Research reports confirm that hydrogen itself is the best natural antioxidant. Because hydrogen molecules are very fine, they can quickly penetrate into the body and penetrate cell membranes to take away the malignant reactive oxygen species that are difficult to eliminate, and neutralize the water (urine) to be excreted from the body without affecting other benign reactive oxygen species. And the functioning of the body, the most important thing is to restore damaged and oxidized cells. Of course, we can also inhale hydrogen to detoxify, but water is used as a carrier to make hydrogen-rich water for drinking. Hydrogen molecules can circulate throughout the body through the blood, which can safely and completely remove most of the harmful toxins from the body.

The first time I read about people drinking more water is naturally good for the body, and it is not necessarily related to whether it has hydrogen. Besides, wouldn't it be antioxidant by taking more vitamins and drinking more green tea? It turns out that most antioxidants, such as vitamins, do not easily pass through cell membranes, and cannot specifically eliminate only malignant active oxygen. What's more, eating a large amount of vitamins is also difficult to store and absorb in the body.
According to experimental analysis, hydrogen has an antioxidant capacity of -300-700 degrees (mv), that is, 0 is the median (normal balance level). The larger the negative value, the stronger the The endotoxin is greatly reduced by 300-700 units; as for the positive number refers to the degree of oxidation (acidification power), such as natto has +36mv, Japanese radish has +65mv, and green tea has +200mv, indicating that their antioxidant capacity is only average It is not as helpful as we imagined to restore cell health.Hydrogen water bottles
The health benefits of drinking hydrogen-rich water:

[Promoting digestion] It has been proven that hydrogen-rich water can relieve digestive pressure, speed up the digestion between the intestines and stomach digestive juices and food, and make the body's metabolism vigorous.

[Health care] Hydrogen-rich water can balance the endocrine system, improve digestion and absorption, and prevent arteriosclerosis.

【Strong Physique】Hydrogen-rich water can effectively improve memory, generate ATP heat energy, and make you full of energy and energy.

[Detox] Purify the blood, maintain the acid-alkaline physique and clean up the internal environment. It can solve skin problems such as pigmentation and acne, easily eliminate toxins, and have a very good improvement effect on constipation.
[Anti-aging] Hydrogen-rich water can remove harmful hydroxyl free radicals in the human body, delay aging, prevent cancer and treat various diseases.

【Weight Loss】Hydrogen-rich water can help you maintain a slim figure, solve over-eating, and excrete excess nutrients and waste toxins from the body.

[Skin care] Hydrogen-rich water directly acts on the human body, speeds up skin metabolism, can effectively eliminate stains, whiten and moisturize, decompose harmful bacteria, and restore skin whiteness.
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