Can hydrogen &hydrogen water improve immunity?

If this immunity refers to physical health, the possibility that hydrogen can improve immunity is very high. Hydrogen has an anti-aging effect, so this effect of returning the decline of aging-related immune function to normal may exist. In addition, some user experience may suggest that hydrogen has the effect of improving immune function.

For example, many patients have reduced their colds after using hydrogen, or recovered faster after catching a cold. Oral ulcers that used to be common in the past are now reduced, and perioral herpes that used to be irritated in the past are now less prone to occur. Many cancer patients are relieved after inhaling hydrogen gas. Even Japanese scholars have discovered that the patient's anti-tumor immune function has been enhanced after prolonged inhalation of hydrogen. Hydrogen reduces the degree of hematopoietic function decline after radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

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The scientific basis for hydrogen molecules to improve immunity

Existing studies have found that the role of hydrogen molecules in improving the body’s immunity is multifaceted. It can not only protect immune organs, reduce immune cells from free radical damage and oxidative damage, but also play a role through the regulation of immune active substances.

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