Can drinking hydrogen water cure diseases?

Galen lived in ancient Rome 1800 years ago and is the most famous and influential medical master in ancient history. He is considered to be the second medical authority after Hippocrates.

Galen once suggested that taking a hot spring bath and drinking hot spring water can cure mental illness. Modern brain scientists believe that the method proposed by Galen is indeed effective. For decades, lithium salt has been regarded as a mood stabilizer and can treat mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder. Galen suggested that there may be lithium salts in the hot spring water that he drinks. If drinking these spring water can really play a role in the treatment of mental illness.

In fact, there is almost no pure water in the world

Some people say that drinking water can't cure diseases, and that water has the effect of quenching thirst and has no other effect. This is obviously very arbitrary.

In fact, there is almost no pure water in the world, and there will always be other components in the water. Even pure water contains hydrogen ions and hydroxide ions, which are not entirely water molecules. If water contains certain ions, it may have certain biological effects. Of course, containing more special ions may have the effect of curing diseases.

On the contrary, if it contains toxic ingredients, it can be harmful to health and even life. Drinking contaminated and toxic water can cause illness. It is entirely possible that it contains enough beneficial ingredients to be beneficial to health. It is completely possible that it contains therapeutic ingredients to treat diseases. There is a truth in not believing that water can cure diseases and not believing that water will never cause diseases.

Of course, whether water can treat diseases, the key is what ingredients it contains, and the concentration of this ingredient, because this is the key to affecting the dosage.

Click below image to know how to make hydrogen water at home.

How to make hydrogen water at home

Hydrogen can reach a concentration close to 1 millimolar when dissolved in water. This concentration is in line with the dose that produces biological effects. The concentration of many important biological molecules in the body is much lower than this concentration.

In theory, every adult drinking 300-500 ml of hydrogen water is equivalent to the hydrogen intake of breathing 2% hydrogen for half an hour. A large number of animal experiments and human clinical research evidences show that hydrogen can reduce oxidative damage and inflammatory damage, and has a therapeutic effect on many acute and chronic inflammation-related diseases.

With theoretical support and research evidence, drinking hydrogen water to promote health and treat diseases is no big deal.

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