Benefits of hydrogen water for skin

Recognizing skin allergies

Skin allergy is an allergic reaction of the body. It is an abnormal reaction of people to normal substances (allergens). Allergies only occur when the allergens come into contact with people with allergies. Allergens include pollen, dust, and foreign bodies. There are hundreds of kinds of proteins, chemicals, ultraviolet rays, etc.

In the process of allergic reactions, allergic mediators play a direct role. Allergens are the external cause of allergic symptoms, and the body’s immune capacity is low. The oxidative destruction of mast cells and basophils by a large number of free radicals is the internal cause of allergies. .

Skin allergies are a very common form of allergies, and 20% of people have skin allergies. Skin allergies are also called allergic skin. A major feature of allergic skin is itching.

Common symptoms of skin allergies

1. Redness, itching, redness and swelling of the skin under aseptic conditions are more common in people with congenital fragile skin;

2. Eczema is prone to occur during seasonal changes, and the UV resistance is weak, and it will cause skin allergies to synthetic fiber fabrics, excessive perfumes, and changes in water quality. Skin allergies are mainly caused by eating seafood, using or contacting metal-containing substances, breathing air containing plant pollen, and reactions to objects or insects;

3. Various reasons lead to non-congestion of the capillaries, causing blood circulation disorders, resulting in skin allergies;

4. Skin allergies of some cosmetics, no matter how advanced cosmetics and skin care products are, it is nothing more than a mixture of colorants, oils, fragrances, alcohol and other materials, various pearl creams, ginseng creams and various medicinal powders. , They are all added various medicinal ingredients on the basis of colorants, oils, fragrances, and alcohol. Studies have shown that the basic composition and fragrance substances of cosmetics or skin care products may cause skin sensitivity and discomfort.

What are the causes of skin allergies?

External causes: seafood, protein, spicy food, wine, inhalation of pollen, dust mites, cold weather, exposure to chemicals, soap, detergents, etc. are the most common causes of skin allergies.

Internal causes: Allergic substances combine with bronchial mucosa, nasal mucosa, and skin blood vessels to produce allergic rhinitis with sneezing and runny nose, allergic asthma with wheezing, allergic dermatitis with itchy dermatitis, etc.

In the process of allergic reactions, allergic mediators play a direct role. Allergens are the external cause of allergic diseases, and the body’s immune capacity is low. The oxidative destruction of mast cells and basophils by a large number of free radicals is the internal cause of allergies. .

In addition, according to the theory of Chinese medicine and the latest research results, allergies are mainly caused by the accumulation of wind, dampness, and heat in the blood and skin, or caused by blood heat and external wind. That is, it is quite related to the certain toxins contained in the blood in the human body.

Research on skin allergy caused by hydrogen

Since the discovery of the biological effects of hydrogen, various types of oxidative stress damage and inflammatory diseases have been the most studied, but there are not many studies on allergic diseases. Japanese scholars have proved that hydrogen is allergic to the skin, and Chinese scholars have proved that there is a potential treatment for asthma. Effect. Recently, scholars from Yonsei University in South Korea proved that hydrogen water can combat skin allergies caused by dust mites in mice.

Atopic dermatitis is a skin allergy, a typical manifestation of an abnormal immune response on the skin. About 10-20% of infants and young children will suffer from this disease, and about 1-3% will continue into adulthood. Atopic dermatitis is a complex disease with many influencing factors, such as genetics, environment, drugs, psychological and immune functions.

Among them, immune function has received the most attention and research, and many immune-related evidences of this disease have also been found. For example, the blood contains relatively high levels of immunoglobulin IgE, there are more eosinophilic granular cells in the peripheral blood, and skin lesions are also common. Accompanied by inflammatory cell infiltration.

Hydrogen is an excellent antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory effects. Studies have shown that hydrogen has a good therapeutic effect on various oxidative and inflammatory injuries.

The antioxidant effect of hydrogen has the characteristics of selective neutralization of hydroxyl free radicals, and also has a regulatory effect on the balance of inflammatory factors. Due to the small size of hydrogen molecules and no polarity, it is very easy for this kind of molecules to diffuse freely in biological tissues.

The use of hydrogen can be through inhalation, drinking hydrogen water, or injecting hydrogen brine.

Various methods of using hydrogen, hydrogen water drinking also has a certain effect on allergic diseases, but for a typical representative of allergic diseases, the effect of hydrogen therapy for atopic dermatitis was uncertain in the past (before 2013), which gives hydrogen therapy atopy The clinical research of dermatitis has adverse effects.

This study used high-concentration acid-base neutral hydrogen water obtained by repeated electrolysis to treat NC/Nga, and explored the cytological mechanism of this treatment from the perspective of the response of Th1 and Th2 cells.

The treatment water uses hydrogen-rich water ORP to reach minus 500mv, and the hydrogen concentration is 0.5ppm. The animals are continuously administered for 24 days, and the control animals are given ordinary purified water. Cytokines in the blood are the main research indicators, including IL-2, IL-4, IL-5, IL-10, IL-12p70, GM-CSF, TNF-α, and IFN-γ. The research results show that hydrogen water It has an ideal anti-inflammatory effect against blood allergy-related inflammatory factors after skin allergy induced by dust mites (IL-2, IL-4 has no effect).

Additional comments: The key to the effect of hydrogen water lies in the hydrogen dosage, and the soul of the dosage is the content and duration of the diseased tissue. From the perspective of dosage, this study has two shortcomings. One is that the hydrogen concentration of hydrogen water is relatively low, and the other is that the method used is not the best. In order to achieve a better treatment effect, the method of local hydrogen bath and inhalation of hydrogen may be better.

Say goodbye to skin problems with hydrogen

The skin is one of the largest and most important organs of the human body. The entire skin accounts for 4% to 6% of body weight, and the subcutaneous tissue is 15% to 17% of body weight.

As the human body's first line of physical defense and the largest organ, the skin is always involved in the body's functional activities, maintaining the unity of opposites between the body and the natural environment, and the body's abnormal conditions can also be reflected on the surface of the skin.

The skin has almost perfect physiological protection functions: such as barrier function, sensory function, body temperature regulation, absorption function, secretion and excretion function, etc., which play a very important role in maintaining the health of the body. Damage to the physiological functions of the skin can cause skin diseases.

The current research principle of hydrogen in the skin field is to use hydrogen molecules to perform selective anti-oxidation on the face and skin, remove free radicals in the skin and pores, so that the skin is young and not easy to age, and achieves the effect of beauty and skin care.

A large number of experimental results show that hydrogen has a significant effect on skin diseases and prevention of skin aging. While drinking hydrogen-rich water, users can also apply hydrogen-rich water to the problematic skin. Those who love beauty can pour hydrogen-rich water on a cotton pad or mask paper to make a hydrogen-rich water moisturizing mask for beauty, or directly pat into the face, neck and joints with their hands to absorb; of course, it is still possible. Hydrogen bath can be washed irregularly every week.

After some hydrogen users have used hydrogen peroxide products, they found that after using hydrogen for a period of time, some of the users' skin problems such as skin allergies, acne, eczema, etc. have been effectively alleviated. Of course, this does not only refer to the use of hydrogen-rich water. There is also a combination of hydrogen absorption.

There were users who had acne on their skin. After inhaling hydrogen gas and drinking hydrogen water for a week, they found that all the acne on the skin disappeared! During this period, I didn't use hydrogen water to smear the skin, I just drank some hydrogen-rich water with it.

This may have a lot to do with the inhalation of hydrogen, because traditional Chinese medicine says that “the lungs govern the skin”, inhaling hydrogen into our blood through the lungs to neutralize the malignant oxygen free radicals in the body, thereby promoting metabolism and expelling toxins from the body; therefore, If you have skin-related problems, you can try drinking hydrogen-rich water and inhaling hydrogen every day to get healthy and beautiful skin.

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