6 benefits of drinking hydrogen water for infants & children

Hydrogen-rich water is suitable for people of all ages. It is a kind of drinking water without any side effects. Because it contains the reducing power of active hydrogen, it can eliminate excess active oxygen (free radicals) in the body and prevent the natural death of immune cells. It has high anti-oxidation and anti-aging functions and is popular in the market.

Hydrogen is currently determined to be a selective antioxidant substance, which is the molecular basis for hydrogen to resist oxidative damage and treat diseases. In addition, the hydrogen molecule body is very small, can quickly penetrate and diffuse throughout the body, can penetrate various physiological barriers and cell membranes, enter the cell nucleus, and take away the malignant reactive oxygen species that cannot be eliminated by ordinary means.

It plays a great role in preventing and treating cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, cerebral arteriosclerosis, diabetes, weight loss, improving female menstrual cycle, gastrointestinal circulation, constipation, eliminating female menopausal symptoms, and eliminating body toxins!

We all know that when pregnant, the nutritional intake must be very complete, and the environmental requirements are higher than usual. The birth of a new life requires comprehensive care. When pregnant, pregnant women must drink more hydrogen-rich water. It is very helpful to the development of the fetus.


Hydrogen-rich water has the following effects on infants and children:

A: Improve children's memory: Children who drink hydrogen-rich water for a long time can replenish electrolytes and calcium, promote the development of the cerebral cortex, and improve memory.

Click below image to know how to make hydrogen water by yourself.

How to make hydrogen water at home with sthealthylife hydrogen water bottle
B: Calcium deficiency in modern people is universal: children with calcium deficiency lead to poor bone and tooth development; pregnant women with calcium deficiency, the fetus will compete for calcium in the pregnant woman, leading to pregnancy intoxication and frequent vomiting. Hydrogen-rich water is rich in ionic calcium due to electrolysis, and calcium supplementation is easier to absorb.

C: It can improve children's constipation: because children drink milk powder, it is easy to cause constipation. Hydrogen-rich water has a better relieving effect on constipation. Because of its small molecular group characteristics, strong solubility and penetration, it can promote gastrointestinal reflex. Strengthen intestinal peristalsis, promote excretion, usually the symptoms of constipation can be improved within 10 days.

D: Improve children's immunity: Hydrogen-rich water can eliminate disease-causing reactive oxygen species (free radicals), enhance the body's natural healing power, which is beneficial to the recovery of common diseases.

E: Helps to develop the habit of drinking water: Hydrogen-rich water tastes sweet and smooth, and children with sensitive taste buds like to drink it. It helps to develop good drinking habits and stay away from bicarbonate acidic beverages.

F: To protect children's dietary safety: 1. Soaking vegetables in hydrogen-rich water can effectively remove the residual pesticides of vegetables and protect children's dietary safety. 2. Hydrogen-rich water removes chlorine and heavy metals from tap water. It is safe and reliable for cooking rice and soup, and can protect children's diet.

What are the benefits of hydrogen-rich water for pregnant women?

Studies have confirmed that hydrogen has significant resistance to cell mutations caused by ionizing radiation, thereby protecting the fetus from radiation damage and protecting the normal development of the fetus; immune regulation prevents pregnant women from catching cold and fever and avoiding medication; metabolic regulation can prevent gestational diabetes and hypertension; tissue The repairing effect can promote postpartum recovery of pregnant women; hydrogen-rich water can also significantly reduce pregnancy reactions.

Hydrogen-rich water provides the body with a full range of antioxidant care, balances the internal environment, and fully initiates the self-healing mechanism, which is specifically manifested in metabolic repair, immune regulation, elimination of inflammation, improvement of allergic physique, prevention of cell mutation, promotion of tissue repair, and anti-aging Beauty and other effects. For some reason, drink more hydrogen-rich water, which is healthy and realistic.
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