5 types and characteristics of hydrogen water

Several years have passed since hydrogen water was accused of industry collapse, pseudo-science, invalidity, and hydrogen escaped and turned into ordinary water.

Many hydrogen waters sold on the market are filled with gas, pressurized and are in an unstable state, so the hydrogen immediately escapes as soon as the lid is opened.Drinking water that uses this gas filling method to drink hydrogen and water at the same time is considered to be hydrogen water. Therefore, it is said that the way of inhaling hydrogen can take in several times or even dozens of times more hydrogen than drinking hydrogen water.
Many hydrogen water generators also use the method of spraying hydrogen into the water to produce hydrogen water in an instant.The only difference is whether to inject hydrogen in the factory or on the spot, and the nature of hydrogen easy to escape remains unchanged, so it is best not to keep the interval too long.

In fact, hydrogen water is more than just these.

Alkaline ionized water called "electrolyzed water" and "electrolyzed hydrogen water" produced by the water purifier of Donning Corporation, which is used in the medical field, is obtained on the cathode side when the water is electrolyzed. Water containing hydrogen and hydroxide ions.

In addition, there is also a method of putting magnesium in water to release hydrogen. In the category of hydrogen water manufacturers, products such as hydrogen water sticks can be found.And in recent years, nanobubble hydrogen water using nanobubble technology has been born. This is a technology that seals hydrogen into tiny bubbles of nanometer size (one billionth of a billion) and floats it in water. The bubbles repel each other because they are charged, and do not collide with each other, so they can exist for a long time.Even in short, there are many types of hydrogen water, with subtle differences in nature.
Although the purpose of obtaining hydrogen is the same, the amount obtained is different, so if you want to incorporate hydrogen into your daily life, you must fully grasp the differences between them in advance.

This article will make a strict distinction between hydrogen and water, and recount their respective characteristics one by one.

At the same time, I also hope to introduce the latest information of the 2021 edition of the hydrogen water industry.

Spend more on health and change the content of your diet. This is correct in a sense. Based on this principle, if you want to change the drinking water you usually use, then this article will definitely help you.

There are five types of hydrogen water, but which one is better?

1. Hydrogen filling method
2. Use magnesium to precipitate hydrogen
3. Electrolysis of hydrogen water
4. Nanobubble hydrogen
5. Natural active hydrogen water

Let's take a look at the differences one by one below.

1. Hydrogen filling method

The hydrogen filling method is more common in products packed in aluminum cans or foil bags, such as Itoen’s "Tasty Hydrogen Water". It is this type of hydrogen water that makes the image of hydrogen water take root in everyone's minds.

The natural active hydrogen water that appeared later was sold as a commodity many years earlier than this type of hydrogen water, but at that time it was just that everyone felt that it was good for health, and it was still unclear what hydrogen does to the human body (even now, correctly understand this. There are still very few people...).

After filling hydrogen into the water, hydrogen will temporarily enter the water, but over time, it will slowly be lost, and it will become ordinary water in the near future.

hydrogen water

This is because hydrogen molecules are very light and can pass through many substances. The reason why most of the hydrogen water is packaged in aluminum is that the hydrogen lock effect of aluminum is very good. Having said that, aluminum cans are not a panacea. Hydrogen stays in a little bit of air and leaks out when you open the lid.

Although some products are packaged in evacuated aluminum foil bags, the lid part is still made of plastic material, so it will still leak out slowly through here.

Canned or bottled hydrogen water, even if it is saturated at the factory (the state where the hydrogen concentration reaches the limit), when it is placed on the shelf of the store, and when the consumer buys it, it will be When consumers drink, hydrogen has been slowly decreasing, and eventually dropped to less than 1/3 of the original.

The saturation state is 1.6 ppm at normal pressure and normal temperature, and it is said that it will eventually decrease to 0.3 to 0.5 ppm. The moment the lid is opened, the little hydrogen may disappear without a trace.

Hydrogen water is so fragile.

On the other hand, when the hydrogen water is prepared by the hydrogen water generator and the hydrogen water produced by the hydrogen absorber, the hydrogen water with higher concentration (relatively high concentration in the hydrogen water) can be drunk.

The saturation concentration of hydrogen water at normal temperature and pressure is 1.6 ppm, and some sales companies claim that the hydrogen concentration of hydrogen water exceeds 1.6 ppm after pressurization. But that is simply increasing the concentration by increasing the pressure in theory. When the lid is opened, the pressure will return to its original state, and the result will be the escape of hydrogen gas. Having said that, because it maintains a high pressure state for a long time, its hydrogen concentration may still be higher than that of normal pressure hydrogen water.

If you want to ask whether you should spend a very expensive price to buy hydrogen-filled hydrogen water to drink, it is difficult to answer. If the price is similar to ordinary mineral water, it may feel very cost-effective, but if it is too expensive, calculate the difference. It is better to obtain hydrogen through other methods, which may be cheaper.

The hydrogen water generator, which is convenient to use and can drink delicious water at any time, feels very cost-effective in theory. It's just that, for those who find it troublesome to maintain and maintain, it may be very tangled.

Also, the more worrying part of the water is where it comes from. If it is hydrogen water, it is neither natural water nor natural mineral water. For mineral-rich water, if it is filled with hydrogen, it is also a good choice from the perspective of supplementing minerals. However, if the impurities are removed by filtration, the minerals that are beneficial to the human body will also be removed, which is a pity.

2. Magnesium metal reacts with hydrogen water

Inflatable hydrogen water is more cost-effective than hydrogen water generators. Generators are also divided into built-in tank type and pipeline type. Even so, the cost of each cup of hydrogen water is still quite cheap. The host price is correspondingly more expensive, but no matter how you allocate it to the cost of each glass of water, it is still much cheaper than the hydrogen water packaged in a container.

It should be a type of hydrogen water manufacturer that claims to have comparable cost-effectiveness.

It releases hydrogen through the reaction of magnesium, its main component, with O2 in water molecules.

It advertised as "Hydrogen water will be there after tens of minutes after pressing the switch..." Only spread the advantage of being able to drink anytime, anywhere.

hydrogen water generator

Where hydrogen is obtained through chemical reactions, by-products are also produced. When water and magnesium react, magnesium hydroxide is produced.

It is said that magnesium hydroxide itself has the effect of regulating the intestines, and there should be no problem, but since there is also the risk of excessive intake, we must also pay attention to it.

Minerals can play a positive role only when the various species exist in a balanced manner. On the contrary, if you only consume a large amount of a certain specific mineral, there will be disadvantages.

In addition, because it is based on the principle of the chemical reaction between magnesium and liquid, there will be no problem if it is water, but if a magnesium rod is used to react with liquids such as tea or coffee, what kind of substances may be produced? Not very clear.

Therefore, be sure to pay full attention to whether the method of use is correct.

In addition, there is no problem if only once or twice, but based on the characteristics of the water itself, it will definitely be used for a long time when you continue to drink it. Because it is not clear what kind of impact will be brought about after years of accumulation, so you should still be very careful!

3. Electrolysis of hydrogen water

Electrolyzed hydrogen water also has aliases such as "electrolyzed water" and "alkaline ionized water", but it does not mean that all alkaline ion water purifiers can produce hydrogen.

Alkaline ionized water contains a large amount of negatively charged alkali ions in its liquid, so the pH is also biased towards alkaline. Generally speaking, after water electrolysis, it will not only separate into oxygen and hydrogen, but also produce OH- (hydroxide ion). Bottled water sold in the form of alkaline ionized water is water with hydroxide ions remaining and a slightly alkaline pH.

After being prepared like a household water purifier, as long as the time has passed, there should still be hydrogen. There are several types of water purifiers, but it is not clear whether they can also retain hydrogen.

The principle of the water trimmer is to electrolyze the water, distribute the generated ions to the anode and the cathode, and finally prepare the water rich in negative ions gathered on the cathode side. By the way, from the principle of electrolysis, the water trimmer can of course also produce positive ions (water gathered on the anode side).

In the hydrogen water purifier industry, the electrolyzed hydrogen water purifier of Donning Company of Japan is the most famous.

According to the Law on Medicines and Medical Devices (Old Pharmaceutical Affairs Law), it is recognized as having the effect of improving gastrointestinal symptoms and is a household managed medical device. Due to individual differences, some people may become too unobstructed, so it is best to make improvements according to the user's specific physical condition.

In addition, although it has the effect of improving gastrointestinal symptoms, it is not publicized that it is due to hydrogen. If it is freshly prepared electrolyzed water, hydrogen may still remain, but it is better to strictly distinguish it from other hydrogen water in usage.

4. Nano bubble hydrogen

Nanobubble hydrogen refers to a type of water that generates extremely small bubbles such as nanobubbles and locks hydrogen into it. Because nanobubbles are charged, they will repel each other and will not be entangled with each other. The result is that they can lock the hydrogen in the water for a long time.

The technology for applying microbubbles such as microbubbles and nanobubbles has matured, and nanobubble hydrogen is produced through the application of this technology.

By the way, the biggest difference between nanobubble hydrogen and other hydrogen water is that it is difficult to determine whether it contains hydrogen.

The ORP meter (oxidation-reduction potential meter), hydrogen concentration meter, methylene blue reagent, etc. usually used in the detection of hydrogen are incapable of nanobubble hydrogen.

Therefore, it is more painful when someone asks to show conclusive evidence of hydrogen.

5. Natural active hydrogen water

Natural active hydrogen water in Japanese products refers to natural water like Hita Tenrisui. Because the content is different from that of artificial hydrogenation, it is not clear to what extent it will play a positive role. Moreover, even if you use ORP meter (oxidation reduction potential meter), hydrogen concentration meter, methylene blue reagent, etc., there is no response.

By the way, active hydrogen refers to hydrogen that breaks the hydrogen bonds between molecules due to ultraviolet radiation and discharge, and becomes atomic hydrogen. It has the characteristic of being easy to attach to other molecules.

The word “natural” is added because the easily-available brand products are natural active hydrogen water, and of course there are also artificially made active hydrogen water. Because the price is very expensive, it is still very difficult to use easily.

Summary: Think again about your purpose of using hydrogen water

Regarding the types of hydrogen water, the above has introduced roughly five types, namely, hydrogen filling type, chemical reaction type with magnesium, electrolytic hydrogen water, nanobubble hydrogen, and active hydrogen water. Each has its own characteristics, but all are based on continuous use. Things that are too expensive are hard to stick to.
Hydrogen water cannot avoid the problem of hydrogen escape. If feasible, freshly prepared hydrogen water may be the best choice. Considering this point, maybe a hydrogen water generator or an alkali ion water purifier would be better.

Hydrogen water that can replenish water for the body at the same time, once selected, it will be used for a long time. Calculate the cost of using it for a lifetime, and then choose a product that you can continue to use for a long time!

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