5 tips to teach you to maintain and clean hydrogen water generator

After Buying hydrogen water generator, how to maintain and use, can make the water cup use longer and clean? these 5 tips can help you. 

5 tips to make your hydrogen water generator life longer

  • Try not to use boiling water in the hydrogen water generator

The higher the temperature, the stronger the activity of water molecules and hydrogen molecules. The higher the temperature, the stronger the thermal motion of the molecules, the more intense the collision, and the easier it is for the gas to escape.

For those who are not used to drinking cold water for the first time, you can use warm water or hot water, but try not to use boiling water, because the solubility of hydrogen in water will decrease as the temperature increases. Moreover, if the body of the hydrogen-rich water cup is made of a slightly poorer quality plastic, the higher the temperature, harmful substances may also precipitate.

The boiling water may also cause damage to the electrodes in the product, so try to avoid it.

  • Cannot be used for hydrogenation of beer, beverages, beverages and other liquids

The hydrogen water generator is a small electrolyzed water generation equipment, which does not support various thick beverages. In addition to the viscose, everyone uses it in the process of use, including milk, coffee, soy milk, fruit juice, non-beer, beverage tea, beverages, etc.

If there are liquids or other substances in the water, they will accumulate in the water or the area of ​​the hydrogen-producing components, and affect their working conditions. The specific manifestation is that the hydrogen production capacity is reduced, and the number of uses of the hydrogen water cup after it is fully charged, and even congestion may occur. Hydrogen-producing components.

  • Keep the bottom of the cup moist when the water generator is not used for a long time

When not using the hydrogen-rich water cup, keep a small amount of water in the cup, just a few drops of water, to keep the electrode moist.

If the electrode of the water cup is dry for more than 2 days, the electrode at the bottom of the cup can be soaked with drinking water for 2 to 3 hours before using it next time.

If the cup does not contain water, do not turn on the hydrogen production function in this state to avoid dry burning of the electrode.

  • The generator should be cleaned and descaled regularly

The cup should be cleaned and descaled regularly, and it can be rinsed once every 5 to 10 days. If the water quality of the water source is hard, the cleaning frequency can be increased.
It is recommended to use citric acid descaling agent for cleaning and descaling maintenance. According to the dosage of the descaling agent, it is dissolved in high temperature water, and the long-term hydrogen production mode with the green light of the hydrogen water cup is used to complete the descaling and maintenance.

  • Contact the manufacturer in time if there is a failure, do not disassemble or repair by yourself

In the event of a problem or malfunction of the hydrogen-rich water cup, please do not disassemble or repair it, or replace some parts by yourself, and contact the official customer service in time to avoid improper operation causing more serious product damage.
Hydrogen friends who have just started the hydrogen-rich water cup, be sure to read the instruction manual carefully before using it!

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